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What are the Different Types of Vans?

Posted on by Idrive

Before you go ahead and hire a van, it’s wise to know exactly what’s available and how the different choices would suit your needs. You will want to choose a different van for home removals, for example, than for transporting tools.

This month, we’re taking a look at some of the different kinds of vans available, and what to consider before making a decision on which one to hire.

Panel vans

The panel van is easily the most popular type of van in the UK. If you’re thinking of hiring a van for regular or general use, a panel van will very likely suit your needs. Panel vans are defined by their non-articulated body and lack of rear side windows. They are highly manoeuvrable and relatively efficient to run. This makes them perfect choices for cities, towns and more built-up areas where the streets are narrow and heavy traffic is common.

Panel vans come in a range of sizes, and some are better suited to certain jobs than others. Take a look at each panel van size to see which one will suit your small-van-hireneeds the best:

Small – Small panel vans can be very nippy, and suit small scale jobs like transporting garden waste, small or medium sized boxes, and small furniture / appliances like compact fridges, dishwashers or televisions. If you need a van to transport mobile work tools, the small panel van is a neat solution.

Medium – Medium panel vans do much the same as small vans, but offer improved payload and larger cargo space. Asmedium-van-hire you’d expect, you have a bit more leeway with a medium wheel base van, allowing you to transport slightly heavier goods. This means you can use a medium panel van to sort out small flat moves, offering enough room to transport bulkier furniture like a bed or sofa.

Large – Large panel vans can handle larger removals than medium sized vans; they are deeper and offer improved payload so there’s more space to play with. large-van-hireYou can transport heavier furniture in bigger quantities along with boxes of possessions. For commercial customers, a large wheel base van provides much more room for heavier equipment and tools, and can provide enough space to haul commercial fixtures and installations for relocations.

Extra large Extra large panel vans offer greatly improved storage space while maintaining the maneuverability you would expect from the panel van design. Interior space leaves room for much bulkier loads, while offering extra oper
ating space for ease of movement – so it’s much more manageable to extract groups of stacked furniture, or to dislodge items which may have become intertwined during transiex-large-van-hiret.

Vastly improved height is probably the most noticeable difference here, allowing you to safely work upright to deal with more awkward loads than other panel vans allow, so both home and business removals are made much more efficient.

Luton vans

Luton vans are easily identifiable; unlike panel vans, the body and the cab are separate, with the extended box of the Luton body designed to transport a higher volume of goods. Due to the design, the body is further off the ground than with panel vans, though this comes with the added bonus that the interior is completely unimpeded by the wheel arches or any other coluton-800mponents, offering a cleaner storage space.

The extra height does potentially make for harder access, but that is rectified by the addition of a hydraulic tail-lift at the back. This ultimately makes loading, unloading and accessing the cargo area easy and efficient. You can load much bulkier items and equipment with the lift than you can by hand, and combining that with the impressive space available in the body, it is easy to see why Luton vans are preferred by removals companies nationwide.

Entire home removals can be carried out with a luton van, and although they aren’t as easy
to manoeuvre along narrow city streets as panel vans, you won’t need to make as many trips back and forth. Luton vans are ideal for larger scale moves and clearances, including commercial and industrial purposes.

i-Drive Van Hire are a professional van hire company, offering a range of self drive van rental services for domestic and commercial customers. Our fleet of vans are well maintained and come in a variety of sizes including: small, medium, large and extra large. Luton vans are also available for larger scale jobs. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service, with affordable rates for long term and short term hire, as well as long term leasing discounts for business customers. For more information on our van hire services, please dont hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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