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Ways To Stay Entertained When Driving A Van

Posted on by Idrive

Out on the road it can often feel like a bit of a tedious chore to be driving, no one likes to sit behind the wheel of a van for hours with no way of keeping entertained. If you can keep your focus but still manage to keep yourself entertained, the drive will seem a lot shorter and you’re less likely to get agitated if you end up in traffic.

To help you keep your spirits up and avoid getting frustrated behind the wheel we’ve got a variety of things you can use to entertain yourself.

Put The Radio On

Most vehicles have a radio and you can find a variety of channels, whether you’d like to listen to the world news on BBC Radio 4 or listen to the latest chart music on your local radio station, there is something for everyone. You’ll also get the benefit of access to traffic news if you stay tuned to local radio.

If you get access to digital radio on your mobile phone or tablet device then you can set this running to an endless variety of radio stations. Just make sure you’ve set this up before setting out, you can’t use these devices whilst driving as this is dangerous and illegal!



If you’re not a big fan of music then an audiobook is a great way to get back on track with any novels or autobiographies you’ve wanted to read. This is a good idea for long journeys as you can lose yourself in the story but still keep your focus on the road. Everything from literary classics to modern blockbusters are available to download.

Self-Improvement Tapes

While they might not be cassette tapes anymore you can get self-improvement CDs and downloads. These aren’t for everyone but if you fancy giving up smoking or you’re trying to tackle your eating habits head-on, then giving one of these a try while you drive could help. You’ll have time to soak up what’s being said and think of ways you can implement things.


With the growth of the internet there has been a boom in podcasts. These are mini radio shows, usually more focused on particular topics, which are great for a journey where you have an hour or less to kill. If you have a longer journey but like the idea of listening to podcasts then find a show and download the whole series! You can get everything from football punditry to in-depth crime solving podcasts.

Get A Driving Buddy

One of the reasons you often see lorry drivers with a passenger is that they need to have a driving buddy when driving long distance. This is so that you can switch drivers to avoid fatigue, but an added bonus of this is that you can have some company whilst out on the road. The same principles apply for van drivers, just don’t get too caught up in conversation, simply keep things light and you’ll find you have a much more pleasant and entertaining journey.


If you’re looking to hire a van – no matter what size – in order to transport bulky goods or anything in large quantities then simply contact I-Drive Van Hire today. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and set you up with the right van.

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