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Top Transportation Accessories

Posted on by Idrive

People utilise van hire for a variety of purposes, whether it’s to use in a professional capacity for a job, or to use personally during a move. Regardless of what you are planning on using a van for, there is always something which can help you make the most out of the van. In this article we’ve decided to list some of our favourite – and most useful – accessories for a van.

#1 Sack Trolley

This first item is an absolute life saver, regardless of what industry you work in. The odds are that if you’re using a van then you’ll be moving some heavy goods or a high quantity of goods. The sack trolley, with two wheels, a flat base and a high back (which also acts as a handle), can make moving items a doddle. Simply let the trolley take the weight of the load as you guide it to and from the van – you can even use it up and down stairs. At I-Drive Van Hire we stock sack trolleys for hire with our vehicles from £5 a day, making your life even easier.


#2 Universal Shelving

If you regularly use vans for jobs and you have a lot of tools or components, then investing in a universal shelving unit would be ideal. This isn’t a large, room spanning shelving unit, but it allows you to keep your things together in an organised fashion, saving you from scrabbling around the van to find a few bolts. The quicker you can get a job done the better, so ensure you keep your operations organised.

#3 Covering Sheets

Covering sheets can come in a variety of forms. They can be old duvet covers, an old table cloth, or even some which you’ve purchased specifically for this purpose. When you’re dealing with fragile items or pieces of furniture which you don’t want to be damaged it’s a good idea to put down some sheets in the back of the van. This protects the bottom of your items, but you can even wrap your furniture to protect them from dust and dirt if you have other things going in the back of the van.

#4 Folding Flatbed Trolley

If you have to go between your van and a specific location a lot – when moving from a flat for example – then something which you can load up and push is going to be a big help. A flatbed trolley reduces the number of trips you make and takes a lot of the strain out of moving boxes or cumbersome items which would normally be difficult to hold. If you can find a folding trolley it will be an added bonus as it won’t take up too much space in the van! The only downside is that, compared with the sack trolley, you can use it up and down the stairs.

#5 Straps

This final item is pretty self explanatory. Sometimes you’ll have heavy loads which you don’t want moving around in the back of the van. By using straps to secure things such as furniture you can ensure you protect the items and prevent the weight from shifting in the back as your try to drive.

For more information about hiring sack trolleys, straps and sat navs from I-Drive Van Hire simply get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help. i-Drive Van Hire are based in Nottingham but operate in West Bridgford and the surrounding areas.

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