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Top five apps for a long van drive

Posted on by Idrive

When talking about apps to help and entertain you on your drive, it’s important to first point out that you should never be using your phone whilst driving. It’s dangerous for you and other road users, so use a hands free kit or equip the driving mode on your phone to allow you to utilise the voice command function.

With this piece of safety advice out of the way, let’s explore some of the best apps for a long van journey. From those designed to assist your driving, to those which simply make the monotonous journey fly by, we’ve got five of the best.


Music – Spotify

Nothing helps you to stay calm and in control on your drive like some of your favourite music. There are plenty of ways to get at music these days, but Spotify is the long-standing front-runner in this category. Catering to both iOS and Android, you can get all the music you want through a premium pass. Everything from The Beatles to Royal Blood is available via this streaming app.


Fuel – Petrol Prices Pro

The price of petrol has calmed down somewhat in recent years, but what you might have noticed is the fluctuation in price between different pumps. There can be a 10p difference between two petrol stations on the same road. To combat this you can get apps which tell you where the cheapest fuel is to be had. Petrol Prices Pro is just one such app, allowing you to fill your van up at the cheapest location before returning it to the hire company.


Podcasts – Beyondpod or Podcaster

Aside from music as the main source of entertainment on a long van journey, you can also get podcasts. Shows, documentaries and comedies are all available if you prefer your entertainment to be a little more talkative. Whatever your choice of podcast, Beyondpod on Android and Podcaster on iOS can give you access to a whole host of quality content which you can let play out on your journey.


Traffic – RAC Traffic+

The bane of every driver’s life, traffic can really ruin a day. Whether it makes you late for something important, or it simply grinds your gears to have to sit going nowhere, you’ll be pleased to know that there is an app to help you. Navigating the endless mire of blocked roads, RAC Traffic+ will give you real-time information and can even help you optimise your route.


Parking – AA Parking

While a small car might find parking to be a doddle, when you’re driving around in a van it can be a little trickier. You need to factor in the additional size and access needs of your vehicle, so if you know you’re going to need to park anywhere, it’s a good idea to be ahead of the game. With AA Parking you can get the location details, opening times and prices – they even have a customer support feature to help you – handy if nighttime parking is proving difficult.


At I-Drive Van Hire we provide flexible van hire options whatever your needs may be. Contact our professional team for more details and let us know if you need the additional hire of a sat nav. i-Drive Van Hire are based in Nottingham but operate in West Bridgford and the surrounding areas.

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