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Save money when moving house by hiring a van

Posted on by Idrive

When you decide to move home it can be a long and expensive process, from finding a house in the first place to finally decorating once you’re in, everything has a cost. One of the biggest costs you’ll face – other than the price of the house itself – is moving costs, depending on how much stuff you own you could face hefty charges from a removals company.

What are the alternatives and how do they save you money then? These are just some of the points we’ve collected to highlight the benefits of van hire and other DIY and preparation ideas.

Don’t pay a removal company

Paying a removal company is always going to be costly, they have overheads and need to make a profit with this service. Many of these companies also provide a team of movers and a moving co-ordinator, but in truth, all of this is an added expense. As long as you have enough hands available when it’s moving day, you should be able to move by yourself with van hire.

This way you save a massive chunk of money as van hire is a far cheaper option which gives you all of the transport options you need but without the added expense of paying for a team of people. Read more about moving house without a removals company.

Move at your own pace

Clearly you don’t want to drag your move out any longer than it needs to be, but due to your own personal schedule constraints you might need to stretch your move out over a longer period. By hiring a van instead of paying for a removals team you can move over as many days as you need to, the cost goes up the longer you want to keep the van for but there is nothing to stop you hiring a van at different stages. With a removals company you’ll be under pressure to move in a block of time and will face rising costs if you need more time.


Don’t rely on other people for transport

You’ll need enough hands to move so you can’t discount the contribution of family and friends, but when it comes down to the transport for your move, you won’t be relying on someone else and their van or car. When you put your plan forward for a particular moving day you can be sure of succeeding with van hire – friends and family are susceptible to changes in their plans and can be too risky to rely on.

Extra tips!

If you’re looking to save even more money on your move then why not try to source your packing materials from the local supermarket or convenience store. If you ask nicely the staff are often more than happy to let you have crisp boxes and veg boxes. You can use these boxes to move your things and store other possessions.

Another top tip to help you lighten your load for the move and give you some extra cash is selling off your unwanted possessions and furniture. Whether you sell it all online or take it to a car boot, you can make a little bit of money back and get rid of things you don’t want to waste time moving to your new home.

Here at I-Drive Van Hire we provide a range of van sizes to suit all home moving needs, simply contact our team today to find out how our services can benefit you.

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