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How to prepare for a long day of driving

Posted on by Idrive

When you’re driving a van you probably have a busy day ahead of you, with a long journey as part of that. If you’ve hired a van you no doubt will be looking to get the most usage out of the vehicle, but you might equally not be used to driving a van. Whatever your situation, it’s vital that you prepare properly for a long journey – you never know what you might come up against out on the roads. To help you prepare as best as you can, we’ve got some top tips for setting yourself up for a safe and efficient drive.


Get a good night’s rest

Waking up refreshed for the day will be a huge help if you have to be sat at the wheel all day. You’ll want to get to bed early and wake early the next day to give you the best start and enough time in the day to travel.

Make sure you have a good breakfast and give your body time to wake up. Your reactions are pretty slow once you first rise from a deep sleep, which is not something that is particularly helpful for drivers setting out on the roads.


Plan your journey in advance

As well as mapping out the route you’re going to take so that you have a clear idea of where you’re going, you will also want to check the route for any closures or traffic jams. You can do this before you set out for the day, or you can take a sat nav along with you to keep up to date with traffic hotspots.


If you’ve hired a van, check that your route does not have any low bridges which a van would not pass under – this can save valuable time when it comes to navigating.


Pack seasonal provisions

Depending on the time of year, you will want to pack different essential items. For winter you might want some de-icer, a flask of a hot beverage and warm clothes, while in summer you might pack sunglasses, bottled water and lighter clothing. There are of course some essentials which you’ll want all year round, including a map, refreshments, a first aid kit and a torch.


Take regular breaks

We’ve all seen the signs which try to remind people that tiredness can kill. It doesn’t matter how long your journey is, if you’re tired and in need of a break, you are putting yourself and others at risk by continuing to drive. Most major roads will have a service station or a petrol station, so take the opportunity to rest where you can and your journey will be a much smoother one.


Pack snacks and water

Should you not have a chance for regular breaks, you should pack some snacks and water which you can easily access. This way you can pull over somewhere safe on your journey, refresh your body and get on your way again. These are also a big help if you break down and have to wait a long time for roadside assistance.


Prepare your vehicle

To guard against every possible setback, and to ensure your vehicle is as safe as possible, you should always perform a check of your vehicle before setting out. Get your tyre pressure checked and monitor the depth of your treads – you’ll also want to ensure you have enough oil, water and petrol for the journey ahead.


If you’re looking for simple, affordable van hire, look no further than I-Drive Van Hire. We provide a range of van sizes for a multitude of needs, ensuring you can make that long journey whether you’re moving home or using it for your business. Contact us today for more details and we’ll be happy to help. i-Drive Van Hire are based in Nottingham but operate in West Bridgford and the surrounding areas.

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