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What are the Different Types of Vans?

Posted on by Idrive

Before you go ahead and hire a van, it’s wise to know exactly what’s available and how the different choices would suit your needs. You will want to choose a different van for home removals, for example, than for transporting tools. This month, we’re taking a look at some of the different kinds of vans … Continue reading

Top 7 Bizarre Driving Laws Around the World

Posted on by Idrive

Drivers across the UK will be well aware of all the road laws in place which keep us all safe when making our daily journeys on the busy roads and motorways. Some people, no doubt, find it hard to keep all the rules and regulations in mind: from when to yield, to where it’s safe … Continue reading

A Guide to Weight Limits and Overloading a Van

Posted on by Idrive

Van hire offers immense freedom, allowing you to carry out a variety of tasks like home removals, transport of goods and carrying out the odd job for your business. But hiring a van does come with some important guidelines that you should be aware of if you’re planning on piling up boxes, furniture or goods … Continue reading

Vehicle Rentals: A History

Posted on by Idrive

The ease and convenience of renting a vehicle is something we take for granted today. If you’re moving house or need to transport or deliver goods, it’s as simple as contacting the right company and arranging your rental service just like that. But how did the vehicle rental industry develop to be so widespread and … Continue reading

Top five apps for a long van drive

Posted on by Idrive

When talking about apps to help and entertain you on your drive, it’s important to first point out that you should never be using your phone whilst driving. It’s dangerous for you and other road users, so use a hands free kit or equip the driving mode on your phone to allow you to utilise … Continue reading

Van Hire Dos & Don’ts

Posted on by Idrive

Getting a van to suit your needs is the first thing most people think about when going for van hire. This is always the starting point of the process, but there are many more things you need to keep in mind when hiring a van, as well as throughout the time you have the van … Continue reading

How to prepare for a long day of driving

Posted on by Idrive

When you’re driving a van you probably have a busy day ahead of you, with a long journey as part of that. If you’ve hired a van you no doubt will be looking to get the most usage out of the vehicle, but you might equally not be used to driving a van. Whatever your … Continue reading

A guide to hiring a Luton van

Posted on by Idrive

Upon hearing the term “Luton van” many people are initially confused, but the bond between this particular type of vehicle and the Luton area is so strong that they named it as such. The history behind the Luton van is that the shape and body of the van made it perfect for taking high volume, … Continue reading

Keeping Your Kids Entertained On A Long Van Journey

Posted on by Idrive

When you’re moving home it’s not always easy to keep everyone happy. This is especially true if you have to take your children on a long van journey when moving your possessions to your new home. Unless you’re using van hire to move right around the corner, you’ll probably want to take a look at … Continue reading

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Driving A Van

Posted on by Idrive

While each year the number of fatalities on the roads in the UK is falling, even a single death is still one too many. Accidents happen but, where possible, we should avoid doing dangerous things while at the wheel of a van. It can be easy to get distracted, or think you can carry out … Continue reading